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Our heating services include a number of heating services, from designing heating requirements throughout your home to installing all of your electrical wiring and heating appliances.

We provide heating solutions Kapiti, Poirirua, Levin, Horowhenua, and Wellington wide.


If you are planning on having some source of heating in your home, you’re likely going to need an electrician to help design your home to meet your heating requirements and follow through to the installation and give you the end result you were looking for.


Some of the services we provide are:


Heat Transfer Systems

A heat Transfer system is designed to circulate warm air from a given heat source in your home (wood burner / heat pump), to other areas less affected by this heat source (bedrooms etc). Creating a comfortable temperature throughout your home and in doing so, reducing moisture / hot and cold spots.


Central Heating

Good for providing heating for your entire house. 

Convenience - you can control the temperature with the thermostat and use the timer. 

Zoning - many are zone controlled so you can control the temperature in different parts of the home.


Heat Pumps


Low running costs. 

Producing instant heat. 

Convenience - you can control the temperature with the thermostat and use the timer.




Good ventilation is essential for maintaining air quality and removing excess moisture from your home.


Heated Towel Rail

Why would I want a heated towel rail?

Who wouldn’t want warm fluffy towels to wrap themselves in after a bath or shower? Heated towel rails can also contribute towards keeping your bathroom dry and free of unpleasant, damp loving bacteria which could harm you or your family.


Bathroom Heaters

The installation of bathroom heaters is capable of securing comfort and warmth after steeping out of the shower. This is exclusively true on those freezing days, which result in shivers after a long lasting shower or bath. The bathroom heater is also intended to keep up a balanced flow of temperature and heat. This assists in protecting the body from the components while keeping its temperature levels normal.

Heating Services Kapiti Wellington

We provide heating services of the highest standard.